Rippers are one of the primary enemies in Citizens Kabuto. They spawn from Husks.




A Ripper

Rippers are insectoid. They are blackish-brown color, with mouths that encompass most if not all of the head. They have scythes for hands and two arms which they use to pull themselves forward. They lack feet, only having a tail.

Rippers come in different sizes, with bigger specimens being more dangerous.


Rippers are the first enemy encountered in the game. They are hostile and will attack any Meccaryns they see on sight. They typically swarm, as insects often do, but may attack alone in some cases. Rippers can move short distances underground and larger specimens have a ranged attack that has enough power to explode a Mecc. If a Mecc gets to close they will bite and grapple with that Mecc.

Sometimes, when they go underground, only their mouths can be seen.