The Meccaryns, called Meccs for short, are a race that happen upon the Smarties world accidentally. At first they simply seek to regroup so they can get to Morjorca, but the Reapers give them enough trouble on the way that they choose to get involved in the Reaper-Smarty war.



What the Meccs are is unclear. The flag Baz plants into the ground of the planet implies they are human, as it is the flag of Britain, but this is never said. They are wearing suits of armor with their faces visible, though some speculate these could be blobs in a suit and that is all the Mecc really is. However, the use Syringes seems to discredit this as well the Meccs exploding in a mess of blood when they die.

Weapons and TechEdit

  • Pistol
  • SMG
  • RPG
  • Seeker Grenade
  • Jetpack

Notable MeccsEdit