Akmed, also called Timmy is one of the first Smarties met in the game. He is ten years old.


Akmed is first met when Baz is accidentally dropped from his ship and as he meanders through the land. He saves the young smarty from a Ripper. Timmy latter begs him to save a few smarties the Sea Reapers hung up over an ocean full of flesh eating fish. With that done, they go and save Tel who crashed the ship by using a Smarty Mineshaft. After saving Tel, Timmy tells them Reg has probably been taken by the Reapers that attacked his village.

He suggest they go to Codpiece Island in the Sorcha Hills, where his mother and father live and likely have an idea of what to do. The three set off for the hills, battling their way through Rippers and Reapers. When they arrive, his father sends him to do the dishes. On the way there, he gets kidnapped by the Reapers.

Queen Sappho summons Kabuto to eat him.